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Parents Weekend 2017

Mark your calendars for Parents Weekend 2017, to be held Oct. 6-8. Registration is now open. The deadline to register is 4 p.m., Sept. 15. Space is limited so don’t delay.

Proof of insurance information for parents

Incoming freshmen students at USC Columbia enrolled in six or more credit hours, graduate students enrolled in nine or more hours, graduate students with graduate assistantships, and international students will be required to show proof of health insurance as a condition of enrollment. Students must either enroll in the Student Health Insurance Plan or waive the plan by showing proof of their own health insurance.


Stories for Parents

Penny eclipsing sun

Day in the sun

Experts hope solar eclipse will have a positive effect on South Carolina's economy now and in the future.


Mungo Undergraduate Teaching Award winner: Mindi Spencer

In her nine years at the University of South Carolina, Mindi Spencer has focused on adapting her teaching to better serve students’ needs. During that time, the Michael J. Mungo Undergraduate Teaching award winner says she has grown from an instructor into a teacher in the classroom, and from a teacher into a mentor outside the classroom walls.


Countdown to totality

Solar eclipses have long captured people’s imaginations throughout the ages, and the university will host special events dedicated to exploring the historical fascination surrounding such astronomical events Aug. 17-21.

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